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Interview Karel & Joren with Spartanova

Their stories: Ultra-runner Karel Sabbe : interview  and video of Karel and Joren with Spartanova.

Follow the path of a deer

To train for the Pacific Crest Trail and for Marathon Des Sables, Karel went down to the Belgium Ardennes! The altitude, the unstable and though snow were perfect to prepare for these amazing events. Enjoy the terrific Belgium nature!

Epic record fastest PCT ultra running!

Pacific Crest trail

Karel Sabbe and Joren Biebuyck have set up a grand and ambitious plan for the summer of 2016.

It is called: “The Quest for the Pacific Crest”, or in short: the “Quest for the Crest”.

Joren and Karel are preparing for this quest in detailed and precise fashion: Karel is preparing his body as much as possible for the wear and tear this adventure will bring along, Joren on his part organises the logistics and investigates the recent scientific literature in relation to this extreme physical challenge.

video roadtrip in de USA

Short compilation of our 3 month road-trip in the USA with our Dodge Ram Van.

video Monument Valley (US)

video Sierra High Route (US)

A video on my hike of the Sierra High Route.

video roadtripping in the South West

A roadtripping compilation on our big American adventure.

video Wyoming & Montana (US)

The Wyoming and Montana section of our big American road-trip.

video California (US)

California section of our big American road-trip.

video Washington (US)

The Washington section of our big American road-trip.