The Barkley Marathons – one of the world’s toughest ultramarathons, has been held annually in the Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee, since 1987.

The race is so brutal that, since the inception of the race, only 15 people have managed to finish. Runners are to run five 20-mile loops, within a 60 hour time frame, and with more than 20.000 meters of elevation change.

The course is unmarked, no electronic devices are allowed and most of the race is off-trail.

Out There – A journey to the Barkley Marathons is the story of Belgian ultrarunner Karel Sabbe, who holds the world records on two of the most epic trails in the world: the 4300km long Pacific Crest Trail and the 3500km long Appalachian Trail.

How did setting these world records prepare Karel for a race as brutal as “the Barkley”? How did these adventures help Karel to find the necessary mindset to do well at this Spartan challenge?

Out There is a story of persistence, endurance and a love for the great outdoors, and the film inspires the audience to reconnect with nature themselves and to find courage for personal challenges.


Thursday 7/11/2019 – Waregem – CC De Schakel 

Saturday 7/01/2020 – Zoetermeer (Holland) – MudSweatTrails store

Wednesday 10/01/2020 – Antwerp – Cinema Cartoon’s

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The documentary is available for free on YouTube.

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